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Real-Time Remote Fuel Monitoring

Monitors diesel, gasoline and water tanks on your smartphone

Use any Edge/3G SIM-card

Monitoring-App is free of charge

Our Fuel sensor is a precision instrument and provides a high grade explosion protection and durability.
industry grade contoller GSM, Edge, 3G and 4G/LTE connectivity.

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FuelView Monitoring.JPG
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         ​Installation in 5 simple steps!

  1. Insert SIM-card into controller

  2. Lower sensor to tank bottom

  3. Connect controller to power

  4. Send us your tank dimensions

  5. Login to App an see your fuel online

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includes free basic monitoring

free wordwide air-shipment
DDP with DHL Express


1 year warranty 

Ships in 7 days 

package includes unlimited free basic monitoring

Optional: premium monitoring and analytics 25€/mo

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  • Real-time monitoring on your PC and smartphone

  • Shows liquid level in gallons or liters

  • Consumption daily / hourly / yearly

  • Multi-user login

  • Highly supported user interface and open platform

  • Non-proprietary controller

  • Less then 100 MB traffic per year

  • Optional in premium package: multi-sensor support, analytics

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